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I am a practicing physician in the United States. I have observed significant reductions in both fasting and blood glucose and A1C levels, determined by independent laboratories, in my several of my patients on the Edotide plus therapy. I take Edotide plus myself, and also recommend it for my patients.


           Oboma A, MD.
           LA, U.S.A.

Just got results of my blood work back this morning. Good news-- my Hemoglobin AIC dropped from 7.1 from 3 months ago to 6.6 post Edotide. My doctor's nurse wants to recommend it (Edotide plus) to her friends and patients. I will continue to take it. I still want my AIC under 5.


           Felix O, Ph.D.

I was always very tired and sleepy. Now, I am less tired and sleepy and more alert. I did a search on the internet and I read about its affects on insulin resistance and I think that it may have relevance to me. My older brother was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and I have gained a lot of weight since moving back to Mississippi. So, I think that my feeling tired and the lack of energy maybe due to inefficient production and /or use of insulin. So, I have found Edotide Plus to be useful for me. I was always very tired and sleepy. Now, I am less tired and sleepy and more alert.


           Naomi, C. Ph.D.
           MS, U.S.A.

I am 74 year old; EdoTide plus has improved my sleep quality. I was wakening up 5-6 times during the night to urinate. But since I started the Edotide plus regimen, urinating has significantly improved with volume and flow rate. Thanks EdoTide plus!


           George I.
           Benin City
The plant extracts (EdoTide plus) helped my wife with her pain.  She was on multiple prescription pain drugs before she started taking the plant extracts. I am convinced that her energy level and appetite also got better with EdoTide plus. Definitely, I will share my experience with others.


            Tobi B.            
 Jackson, Mississippi


Vernonia amygdalina extracts (EdoTide plus) is helping me. I am feeling much better and my MRI is showing a remarkable improvement…


         Richard  M.       
   Covinton, Louisiana
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Used for Over 100 Years

EdoTide's key ingredient is Vernonia amygdalina (VA) or commonly known as bitter leaf.  VA is a member of the Asteraceae family, is a small shrub that is native to tropical Africa,  VA is commonly called bitter leaf due to its bitter taste.  The VA leaves have been consumed for hundreds of years either as a vegetable (macerated leaves in soup) or aqueous extracts  for the maintenance of good health.